Intercooler Kits 

HPD 4WD intercooler kits, designed to give amazing performance, reliability and consistent power by reducing inlet temperatures, you will also reduce engine running temperatures.

Each kit is vehicle specific with a heat exchanger, alloy mandrel bent piping, quality silicone hoses and fittings. 

Transmission Coolers

Todays 4x4’s and SUV’s have an exhaustive range of additional upgrades and equipment of offer. Most of these items add substantial weight to the vehicle, combine that with a towing scenario and you have a situation where the vehicle transmission is loaded with the job of moving around thousands of kilos of weight on an ongoing basis.

Transmission temps rise and you run the risk of doing significant damage to one of the most expensive components within your vehicle.

The HPD Trans’ Cooler Kits Reduce Transmission temperatures and keep your Trans happy when the going gets tough. 

Catch Cans

HPD oil catch cans / oil air separators prevent oil from entering into the intake manifold and mixing with the carbon from the EGR, clogging up vital components and potentially causing damage.

Modern 4WDs tend to have more parts in the intake manifold such as sensors and EGR valves that can malfunction due to the oil film produced.

The HPD direct bolt on separator kits are ideal for 4WDs running an intercooler or turbo kit and they come complete with mounting brackets, rubber hoses and hose clamps. The separators eliminate oil vapour that can contaminate the intake system and therefore helps keep the intercooler clean (internally). This translates into more efficient cooling and better power delivery from your engine.